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SIBRUSTA, JSC - Stone processing center

  • Salantai str. 63, Erlenai village KRETINGA district LT-97316 Lithuania
  • Prefabricated Buildings | Fireplaces & Stoves | Stairs & Handrails | Builders | Kitchens
  • This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  • +370 687 98 841
  • +370 677 60 745
SIBRUSTA, JSC is a stone processing center. Company sell stone products and providing stone processing services.

SIBRUSTA, JSC is a stone processing center. Company sell stone products and providing stone processing services.

SIBRUSTA, JSC is located at: Salantu str. 63, Erlenai village, Kretinga district. The company has been operating since 2011 and is engaged in wholesale and retail sale of granite blocks and granite slabs. Granite blocks cutting, granite slabs polishing, granite slabs cutting. Tombstones, granite board sale. The company employs skilled workers with many years of experience in stone processing. Factory runs with fully automated stone processing machines to make best quality product of granite. SIBRUSTA, JSC regular improves and modernizes equipment and constantly train employees to set highest quality of the product and safety at work.


granite block cutting, granite slabs polishing, granite slabs cutting;

monuments, tombstones, commemorative plaques – design, production, installation and service;

interior and exterior products:  stairs, window sills, countertops, columns, vases, fireplace decoration details, etc;

wholesale and retail sale of granite blocks;

sale of granite chips;

manufacture and sale of natural stone paving.


high quality stone processing;

wide choice of services and products;

wide range of granite plate colors;

creation of a graveyard from design to installation;

our services and products have guaranteed.


KRETINGA district: Salantai str. 63, Erlenai village.

PLUNGĖ: Laisves str. 5;

GARGŽDAI: Klaipeda str. 97, Laugaliai.


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