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VilniusKatamaran.LT (Staroil, JSC) - Catamaran Ship Tour along the Neris River in Vilnius

  • Zveju str.14 VILNIUS LT-09310 Lithuania
  • Accommodations | Swimming | Sailing | Travel | Destinations | Cruises | Budget Travel | Attractions | Adventure Vacations | Water Sports
  • This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  • +370 619 17 157
VilniusKatamaran.LT (Staroil, JSC) - Catamaran Ship Tour along the Neris River in Vilnius

VilniusKatamaran.LT (Staroil, JSC) - Catamaran Ship Tour along the Neris River in Vilnius

VilniusKatamaran.LT Catamaran Ship tour along the Neris River is done on a modern double-decker catamaran. The upper deck is the best spot to admire panoramic views of the city. If you’re searching for comfort when travelling, a catamaran boat trip is for you. This veritable limousine on water comes fully equipped with plenty of luxury for a unique way to see Vilnius from the Neris.

Complete with an indoor and outdoor deck, bar, smoking room and multimedia facilities, VilniusKatamaran.LT Catamaran Ship holds up to 25 people and runs seven days a week during the day and evening. As well as the standard excellent value short trips through the city, the ship can also be rented for private parties, weddings and any other kind of celebration.

The Catamaran boat tour departs from the city centre and sails up the river towards the district of Žirmūnai before turning back and heading down the river all the way to Vingis Park.


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