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drywall joint paper tape, flexible metal corner tape, metal corner bead, paper faced metal, angle channel, edge channel/stopping bead/casing bead, shadow line stopping angle, PVC or aluminum corner bead faced fiberglass mesh, plastic flex corner tape, masking tape, drywall patch/wall patch, electrical outlet patch fiberglass wall covering (wall paper)/wall paper adhesive, fiberglass self-adhesive drywall joint mesh tape, fiberglass tissue tape, butyl tape, sanding paper, sanding cloth, sanding screen ( open mesh abrasive ), fiberglass insect screen, fiberglass alkali-resistant dipped mesh, fire blankets(life saving),welding screen/curtain/blankets/mat, high-quality vermiculite fire board, silicon rubber coating fiberglass fabric, fiberglass cloth with neoprene coating, fiberglass cloth with PVC coating, fiberglass fabric with Polyurethane (PU) coating, fiberglass fabric with PTFE coating, fiberglass cloth with ACRYLIC coating,3D glass fabric

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