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Road freight, ocean freight, air freight, multimodal freight - ALPI Baltica Road freight, ocean freight, air freight, multimodal freight - ALPI Baltica

Road freight, ocean freight, air freight, multimodal freight - ALPI Baltica

"ALPI Baltika" is a transport and freight forwarding company which belongs to the International ALPI Group. ALPI started its operation in 1945 in Italy as the logistics company Albini & Pitigliani was established in Prato. Albini & Pitigliani is a family company and well known in Italy and abroad. Our group offers a worldwide network of own offices and affiliated agents, located on all continents, in all major cities and close to the main ocean- and airports.

In Lithuania" ALPI Baltika" started in 2006.

The aim of our operations is to guarantee your satisfaction and to create the wish for cooperation that would be based on quality, precision and the competitive prices of the services.


Ocean Freight Service

Sea container forwarding all over the world, we can make delivery according to different Incoterms conditions. FCL and LCL cargo shipping to and from Europe, North and South Americas, Africa and the Far East countries.


We provide various air freight service options. Quick delivery time. Our services for global air freight include airport to airport and door-to-door.


Part truck loads. Cargo trucking inside Europe countries and to Russia, Belorussia, Ukraine, Moldova, Kazakhstan, and Uzbekistan. Door-to-Door service.

Multimodal freight transportation

Multimodal freight transportation. This way of transportation referring to a shipping by a few means of transportation (sea-road, air-rail, road-rail etc.). This way of transportation is safe solution for shipment of high volume and size freights for long distance.

Warehousing service



Palleting, packing, picking, labeling

Customs Brokerage

Cargo insurance

Export/import /transit procedures

Road transport

"ALPI Baltika" Ground Transportation represents its principal Business Unit with services that span from Full Loads to Part Loads, up to Groupage transport.

An extended Network of offices connected through the same System in Real Time and the same process can supply any request in terms of Service and Cost, Reports and Communication, Customs and Security.

LTL - Less then a Truck Load

Our main activities are Groupage and Less the a Truck Loads; we pick up goods through our Orders System and we consol Cargo for the same destinations resulting into a cost saving for the customer, an optimization of Space Allocation, an efficiency in Transit Time and, finally, less carbon emissions for the Environment .

FTL - Full Truck Load

In case you have goods enough to fill up a Full Truck Alpi can support you with all Bureaucracy and

Documentation, providing the right type of Truck and Equipment and guaranteeing for Transit Time and Quality of Service.

Dedicated Solutions

Our personnel will support your technicians with dedicated moves, for out of gauge shipments, exceptionnel Cargo, Dangerous Goods or any other Supply Chain matters.

Martime transport

The Alpi Group handles thousands of TEUS every year and has established contracts with selected carriers based on their space availability and service reliability per every single route.

"ALPI Baltika" can take care of every phase of the shipping process, from consolidation to warehousing or organization of special services containerized or not. With customs clearance specialist worldwide

"ALPI Baltika" is able to clear your cargo in every circumstance helping your goods to follow their path in a smooth way; we regularly file pre-clearing of the goods so that your cargo is customs cleared before the ship arrives and it’s ready to be delivered skipping bottlenecks and cutting total transit time.

Our offer can cover any type of sea shipment:

LCL - Less then a Container Loads

In case you don’t have enough goods to fill up a Full container "ALPI Baltika" can pick up your goods and consolidate them with other customers goods in a single container to be sent to destination.

Service and cost are crucial to this movement and security requirements as well as standard processes are in placet o guarantee Customer Satisfaction.

FCL - Full Container Loads

" ALPI Baltika" can arrange Full Container loads from your factory and all propoer documentation to send the container to destination safe and clear.

Air transport

The ALPI Group handles tonns of freight through its network all over the world, delivering innovative solutions to cover the everchanging needs of a dinamic market. Using selected and preferred carriers for each route "ALPI Baltika" delivers customer satisfaction from door to door, along with its segmented offer:

Express Service

Where fast and urgent deliveries are needed, 'ALPI Baltika" can provide an express air service with short transit times and direct flights to destination. Higher cost is supported by high quality service and state-of-the-art standard procedures.

Standard & Direct

With thousands of shipments every year Alpi is a recognized company in the market and respected by carriers. Through few selected partnership "ALPI Baltika" is able to provide a stable and reliable service for general cargo, textile and fashion, GOH, exotics, food, perishable and other tailor-made transport services.

Multimodal transport

For more economic solutions but still very competitive in terms of total transit time, "ALPI Baltika" can organize multimodal solutions based on the location of its International hubs, combining Air and Sea movements for more convenient deliveries.

Our skilled personnel will help you trace the best routing of your goods in terms of cost and service.

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