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Cultured marble. Technology of artificial marble Cultured marble. Technology of artificial marble - BALTIJOS MARMURAS, LLC

Cultured marble. Technology of artificial marble Featured


Are you looking for original ideas and yet untried materials? You can discover excellent quality of articles, design of forms and new possibilities of creation by trying the technology of artificial marble. The technology of artificial marble was designed in the USA. It has repeatedly received international awards for the possibilities to create articles of excellent qualities, design of forms and new production. Production of cultured marble represented the United States of America among 28 countries in the international fair of Geneva for two times and both times it was awarded with silver medal.

In Lithuania the production of this unique product was started in 1998 on behalf of "BALTIJOS MARMURAS".

Currently UAB "Baltijos marmuras" manufactures three types of production:

• cultured marble;

• cultured granite;

• solid surface “Dura Stone” (similar to “Corian” or “Cristalan”).

One of the basic advantages of the company "BALTIJOS MARMURAS" is the flexibility of production solutions. Various forms and colour gamma of products provide unlimited opportunities for the harmonization of interior colours and styles. This technology allows to obtain various colours that suit modern interior.

The production made from cultured marble or cultured granite especially fits in with the bathroom interior, i. e., sinks with tabletops of various forms and sizes, tables, windowsills, etc. Solid surface “Dura Stone” is one of the most durable and modern combinations of natural and synthetic materials. Solid surface is used for the production of tabletops, sinks, bars, wall slabs, windowsills and other products of various configurations and dimensions.

The areas of application of production manufactured by the company "UAB BALTIJOS MARMURAS" can be limited not by the properties of the material itself, but rather by the person's imagination. The imagination, of course, has no limits, therefore the possibilities of usage of these durable, nice, easy care materials certainly have not yet been explored as the articles produced by the company "BALTIJOS MARMURAS" are also easily fitted with other materials, e. g., metal, ceramics, wood, etc. Conforming to the highest quality requirements the production of "UAB

BALTIJOS MARMURAS" is certified in Lithuania

Solid surface "Dura Stone"

Produced according to the American technology solid surface "Dura Stone" is similar to "Corian", "Cristalan" and "Wilsonart" materials based on its properties. By using this homogenous material architects, designers and each one of us can implement our various dreams and enjoy a freedom of imagination. Solid surface "Dura Stone" is characterized with a wide range of applications. The material is used for the interiors of restaurants, cafes, bars, hotels, banks and offices; the production of kitchen, bathroom and laboratory tabletops; wall slaps, decoration elements. In addition, solid surface "Dura Stone" is used for the production of sinks integrated (casted) into tabletop.

Solid surface is resistant to scratches, various chemical liquids and is easy to clean. It is one of the most durable and modern combinations of natural and synthetic materials.

Being non-porous the structure of material does not absorb liquids and thus prevent from stains and spread of bacteria. In addition, the surface of these articles is warm and able to reach ambient temperature. Articles are characterized with easy care and restoration; scratches are simply removed by scrubbing.

Properties of solid surface “Dura Stone” are as follows:

- firm and durable,

- hygienic,

- seamless;

- resistant to moisture absorption;

- scratches are removed by simple scrubbing,

- resistant to heat up to +220°C,

- resistant to various chemicals,

- easy to mount,

- easy to restore and repair,

- many ways of formation;

- easy application with various materials,

- resistant to UV rays,

- wide range of colours.

Cultured marble

Articles of cultured marble are produced from granulated marble powder and special binders. Cultured marble articles are of white colour and their surface is, at first glance, very similar to that of the ceramics.

However, the main advantage of cultured marble is the possibility to implement all ideas as the articles are produced for individual orders. Tabletops with sinks are connected in a seamless way as they are produced by casting. The form, place and number of sinks on tabletop can vary upon client's wish. The surface of cultured marble is smooth and glossy. Tabletops with sinks made of cultured marble and cultured granite may be fitted to various types of bathroom furniture. Cultured marble is also used for the production of white polished windowsills.

Cultured granite "SGA"

Articles of cultured granite are produced from shredded artificial granite granules and special binders. Articles of cultured granite may have both glossy and matted surface. Cultured granite can be used for casting of various articles: basins with tabletops of various forms and sizes with cast-in-place sinks of the same colour, windowsills, tables of various forms and other original production. Tabletops with sinks are connected in a seamless way as they are produced by casting. The form, place and number of sinks on tabletop can vary upon client's wish. Articles are absolutely resistant to moisture.

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